Scavenger Hunts, Word Puzzles and More!

Planning on a visit to The Pier Aquarium? Like puzzles and learning strange facts about sea life? Here’s the section for you!

Don’t delay.  Click on these links, print out the pages and sharpen your pencils.  Then head on over for the Scavenger Hunt!

Aquarium Scavenger Hunt – Look for animals as you visit the Aquarium. As you walk on your self-guided tour, you’ll be searching for certain animals. If you need help, a Scientific Staff member will be glad to help you!

Aquatic Invertebrates Word Puzzle – Find the names of various invertebrates (animals without skeletons) such as sea squirt, comb jelly and nudibranch.

Believe It or Not! – Guess what statements are true or false.

Shark Search Puzzle – Learn the names of different types of sharks.

Stir Up a Hurricane – Create a storm with a bowl of water, food coloring and a spoon.

Top 10 Stranger than Fiction Facts – Did you know that sharks have been in existence for 400 million years? That some whelks might be considered left-handed?

Word Search Puzzle – Find the names of different sea creatures that live at The Pier Aquarium.