Boy and Girl Scout Workshops

Discover another world and explore  the incredible diversity of Tampa Bay’s marine environments through “hands-on” workshops. Experience a respect for Florida’s unique and fragile environment and, at the same time, earn merit badges for your Scout Troop!

The Pier Aquarium offers useful and fun workshops for both Girl and Boy Scouts. Activities are available covering oceanography, environmental science, animal care and fishing.

The cost of each workshop is $8 per scout with a minimum of 10 scouts or $80.

For the Girls

Brownie Try-It Workshops

Water Everywhere: Observe a demonstration on how the water cycle functions, explore marine animals at the aquarium, catch critters along the shore at Spa Beach and join in on a saltwater experiment.

Animals: Explore the world of marine animals in a “hands-on” discovery program that includes endangered animals, animal behavior and marine habitats.

Junior Girl Scout Badge Workshops

Wild Life: Discover the different marine habitats at the aquarium, play a habitat game, visit the critters in the touch tank and learn which species are in danger of becoming extinct.

Ecology: Investigate the wonders of ecology while exploring plants and animals that live in the Tampa Bay ecosystem and learn how human activity impacts this natural environment.

For the Boys

Age 11 to 18

Fishing Badge: Activities include a guided aquarium tour with a Scientific Staff member, salt water fishing lessons where you’ll learn how to tie knots, use fishing equipment and learn good sportsmanlike behavior and fishing to practice what you’ve learned! Scouts will fish off the Pier for fish identification and release.

Oceanography Badge: Activities include a “hands-on” tour of The Pier Aquarium and a study project “Tampa Bay Walks the Talk: Water Quality” where you’ll collect and examine sea water from Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.

Learn how to test for temperature, salinity, pH, turbidity and nitrogen, determine how animals and plants affect the composition of sea water and see how the elements in sea water affect them.

During “Bay-in-a-Bucket,” you’ll learn how to make a plankton net and use video microscopes to get a “close-up” view of all the tiny creatures that live in the waters of Tampa Bay.