Weedon Island Eco Adventures

Exploratory activities with our partner: Go “Diggin’ Up History” and then explore the archaeological and environmental aspects that make Weedon Island Preserve a natural treasure in our own backyard with Pier Aquarium Marine Education Staff. Choose from “Boardwalking” or “Catchin’ Critters Knee Deep” at Weedon Island.

Pre-K-5th Grade
Length: two hours

Offered: 10am-noon Wednesday
Capacity: 50 maximum
Ages: all
Cost: $6 per participant; minimum 20 students or $120 
All proceeds benefit the educational programs at The Pier Aquarium.


Diggin’ Up History – 1 hour 

Travel back in time, examining artifacts left behind by Native Americans that called Weedon Island home many years ago.

This covers: language arts (listening, speaking), social studies (history, geography), visual arts (skills and techniques, creation and communication, cultural and historical connections, applications to life) and health education (responsible health behavior).

Sunshine State Standards: LA.C.1.3, LA.C.3.3, SS.A.2.3, SS.A.3.3, SS.A.4.3, SS.A.6.3, SS.B.2.3, VA.A.1.3, VA.B.1.3, VA.C.1.3, VA.E.1.3, HE.B.3.3.

Boardwalking – 1 hour

Venture through a 1/5 mile guided boardwalk tour that takes you deep into lush and diverse land and marine environments.

This covers: language arts (listening, viewing and speaking), science (the nature of matter, processes that shape the earth, processes of life, how living things interact with their environment, the nature of science).

Sunshine State Standards: LA.C.1.1, LA.C.2.1, LA.C.3.1, SC.A.1.1, SC.D.2.1, SC.F.1.1, SC.F.2.1, SC.G.1.1, SC.G.2.1, SC.H.3.1.

Catchin’ Critters Knee Deep – 1 hour

With nets and buckets in hand, students get their feet wet in Tampa Bay, discovering mangrove and sea grass environments that serve as home for a diversity of marine life.

This covers: language arts (reading, listening, viewing and speaking), math (number sense, concepts and operations), science (the nature of matter, energy, force and motion, processes that shape the earth, processes of life, how living things interact with their environment, the nature of science), social studies (geography), health education (responsible health behavior, advocate and promote healthy living) and physical education (literacy, responsible physical activity behaviors, advocate and promote physically active lifestyles).

Sunshine State Standards: LA.A.1.1, LA.A.2.1, LA.C.1.1, LA.C.2.1, LA.C.3.1, MA.A.1.1, MA.A.2.1, MA.A.4.1, SC.A.1.1, SC.B.2.1, SC.C.2.1, SC.D.1.1, SC.D.2.1, SC.F.1.1, SC.F.2.1, SC.G.1.1, SC.G.2.1, SC.H.1.1, SC.H.3.1, SS.B.1.1, HE.B.3.1, HE.C.1.1, PE.A.1.1, PE.A.1.1, PE.B.2.1, PE.B.2.1, PE.C.1.1, PE.C.2.1.