Will Using Lube Hurt A Sex Doll?

When it comes to sex, lubrication is your number one best friend. Without an abundant amount of it with you every sexy time, things will not run smoothly, and will surely end up in discomfort and displeasure.

Lube is surely every man’s go-to key to sexual satisfaction every time he wants to get it on with a partner. But once he has a sex doll with him, and wants to make love with her every night, is it possible and proper to use lubrication to get it on smoothly with her? Believe it or not, you better use one with her, and here’s why.

Sex With Dolls: Better With Lube

Using sex dolls is just the same as the way you would treat your human partner during every sexy time. But despite having the looks and anatomy that are just the same as human females, sex dolls are more favorable as bed partners, as they are always ready and game to whatever sex action you want.

With this regard, it is way more important that you use your ever-reliable lube so that you will always have a smooth and comfortable action, and not cause any form of chaffing or any other discomfort on your part. Sex dolls may be highly realistic, but they are still made of different materials the only resemble human flesh so that you have to make sure you will only get pleasure and no injuries.

And more importantly, using lube will not surely hurt your dear sex doll. They are made of special materials that can withstand any form of lubrication, and using one can even be more helpful in prolonging the life of your sex doll, which is very advantageous to you as a sex doll owner.

Here’s What to Do For Better Sex With Lube

Before using lubrication to get it on with your sex doll, you have to check on the type of lubrication you are going to use. Not only for you to have smoother penetration in your doll, but also to ensure the long life of your beloved nightly companion.

Based on the usual material used in sex dolls, experts say that you should use water-based lubes for every sexy time you have with her, especially during penetration. Not only that it gives a cooler and more tingling sensation, but it will also not cause any damage to your beloved doll, no matter how long you’ll last all night.

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