The Pier Aquarium Photo Album



Dec. 31            New Year’s Eve and the Labyrinth of Wishes


First Night labyrinthVolunteers from The Pier Aquarium mapped out in white beach sand a labyrinth in Straub Park bFirst Night fireworksased on an ancient design and lit almost 800 candles along the circuitous walkway. New Year’s Eve revelers who walked the path had time to reflect on the year 2005 and thought of a wish as they tied a brightly colored ribbon around the tree in the labyrinth’s center. More than 5,000 participated in the restful, contemplative activity.


March 11         Spa Beach Splash


Smiley faceAlmost 400 attended our free family marine discovery day held at Spa Beach and Education Station. Under clear blue skies, they caught critters for our “Ocean in Motion,” scavenged for treasures and created works of art and shark teeth jewelry. Our staffers and Fish printingEducational Staffers from Southwest Florida Water Management District, Great Explorations, Tampa Bay Watch, Clearwater Marine Aquarium, Tampa Bay Estuary Program and Tampa Bay Watch led the day’s activities.

 Spa Beach



March 25         Everyone’s Fishin’ at Fishy Business


Brisk winds and cooler weather brought Fishy Business, our Outdoor Fresh Fish Theater, indoors in the Pier’s Activity Room for two performances. Jamie the Fishing Guide and the Fish People (staff) had the audience participating in fishy sing-alongs, fishy humor and commercials. They all went fishin’” to learn about the fish that live in Tampa Bay . Afterward, they inspected tiny creatures under the microscope and handled fish specimens. It was, all in all, a fishy kind of day. 

Funding for Fishy Business has been provided by employees of the St. Petersburg Times through the newspaper's Employee Giving Program, a match from the St. Petersburg Times Fund, Inc. and matching funds from the Pinellas County Arts Council.


April  11          Fishy Business at Campbell Park Elementary


Jamie took the "show" to pupils at Campbell Park and talked

about turtles, manatees, Jamie at Campbell Parksea stars and fish. The students

got to see and touch a hawkbill turtle's skull and jaw, a turtle's carapace, manatee bones and ancient shark's teeth.







April 15          Underwater Discovery


Children's book author and award-winning nature photographer Michael Patrick O'Neill was the tour guide on a trip (via slides) throughout the world's oceans. The colorful, beautiful and unusual images from his books, Fishy Friends cover Fishy Friends, Let's Explore Sharks, Let's Explore Sea Turtles and Let's Explore Coral Reefs, ranged from a small, inch-long alien looking creature called a nudibranch to a great white shark.


After the presentation Michael showed one of his cameras and his diving apparel and safety equipment. Michael with camera "The most important thing when you're diving and taking photos is safety," he said. "Don't take chances and take care of what you're doing. You don't want to harm any of the animals."