Seeing from Miles Away

Oceans: The Big Picture

1.  Because estuaries like Tampa Bay are big, scientists use satellites to see the entire ecosystem.

2.  Data collected on-site are combined with the satellite images to create detailed maps.

3. Satellites can measure water temperature.  The data helps us to understand seasonal changes and how temperature affects the life cycle of fish and marine mammals such as manatees, dolphins and whales.

4.  Photography is great for studying close-ups details but satellites in space can “see” very large areas.  Because they stay in orbit around the Earth, they can gather data about the same place over and over giving us a more complete picture of how the ocean works over time.

5.  Can Satellites help you relax? Yes!

    • Scuba Diving?  Satellites provide information on water clarity so you can see beneath the surface.
    • Kayaking?  Satellites provide information on water temperature so you are comfortable paddling through the waves.
    • Surfing?  Satellites provide information on wave heights so you can catch the best wave. Hang 10!
    • Sunbathing?  Satellites provide information of sun intensity so you do not get burned. Don’t forget the sunscreen.
    • Sailing?  Satellites provide information of wind speed so you can keep your sails full.