Schedule a Guided Tour

Marine Education staff members conduct “hands-on tours” at The Pier Aquarium to introduce children to marine life of various oceanic environments found throughout the world. It’s “Fresh Fish Theater” at its finest!

Lasting from 30 minutes to one hour, guided tours of the live and interactive exhibits are offered to groups (maximum 25 people).

A $4 participant fee supports the educational programs of The Pier Aquarium.

There is a daily 1-4pm aquarium activity session including fish feeding scheduled at 3 p.m. Visitors, especially children, are encouraged to participate and be an “Official Fish Feeder” of The Pier Aquarium for the day!

Activities that can be specifically scheduled:

15 Minute Programs

Dolphin Echolocation
Learn how dolphins echolocate to make sense of the environment around them. Students play the part of a dolphin or fish in this role-playing activity.

Inverts & Extroverts
Explore the diversity of form and function that is beautifully displayed among animals without backbones

Marine Habitat Game – 15 minutes
Find out which animals live where – and why – in this fun “hands-on” game.

Sesame Street Aquarium
Participants play the part of a fish, dolphin, whale or sea lion in this interactive storybook adventure.

15-30 Minute Programs

Nudibranch Name Game
This ice-breaker activity encourages participants to learn each other’s “nudibranch name.”

Sea Turtles
Explore and discover the mysterious world of sea turtles. Lean why these endangered ancient reptiles need our help to survive for centuries to come.

Sharks & Rays
Ever wonder how long a whale shark can get? What shark skin feels like? How many teeth a shark has? Learn the answers to these questions and more as we explore sharks and rays.

Touch Tank
Get “in touch” with Tampa Bay’s marine life at The Pier Aquarium’s very own touch tank.

30 Minute Programs

The Salty Seas
How much salt is in Tampa Bay? The Gulf of Mexico? A marine aquarium? Come use an oceanographer’s “tools of the trade” to measure salinity in saltwater.

Web of Life
Get spun up in the ecology of the marine environment. Lean how elements and organisms interconnect to build an ecosystem.

One Hour Programs

Manatee Adventures
Investigate and discover the mysteries of these magnificent mammals as you construct the skeleton of a 9-ft. Florida Manatee. Unravel the myths and unknown truths about the amazing marine mammal also called the sea cow.