2009 The Year of the Fish
The Year of Science

This year marks our 20th birthday, and we're celebrating with a YEAR-ful of "fishy" programing that is fun and educational! Our FISH-ful Saturdays, held the first and third Saturday of each month, will feature topics that correlate to specific themes. Unless noted, FISH-ful Saturday events are noon-2pm and come with a paid admission to The Pier Aquarium. The Touch Tank, scheduled 1-4pm daily, is also open at this time. 

Our educational topics are based on monthly themes for the Year of Science that we and many other national educational organizations are observing in partnership with COPUS, Coalition on the Public Understanding of Science. Togeher we will celebrate and promote Science!

Our themes for each month are as follows:

Process and Nature of Science: Communicating Science

Jan. 3: Communicating Science through Art with Artist-in-Residence Kathy Taylor Zimmerman

Jan. 17: Tales from the Deep

Pier Aquarium visitors become reporters for the day. They will select a science article and then "report" on the information in front of our own volunteer videographer Amber Betterman.  


Feb. 7: Fish in Love!

Human demonstrate various types of behavior to attract a "significant other." Some give flowers and candy. We all express ourselves uniquely, and we can be picky when we choose who to like.

We're exploring today the sexual dimorphism of six different species of aquatic life. Sexual dimorphism is when males and females of the same species look drastically different. Some example of animals that exhibit sexual dimorphism are: cardinals, mallard ducks and peacocks.

We will play a game to match a male and female of the same species and then try to determine which is which (male or female?). A marine educator will let you know if you guess right!

Feb. 21: Discovering Darwin

Physics and Technology

March 7: Fishy Physics!

March 14: Spa Beach Splash and Kite Festival, The Pier Aquarium's free, fun marine discovery day and kite flying festival, 10am-1pm, the Roy G. Harrell, Jr. Education Station and Spa Beach sponsored by the Southwest Florida Water Management District and the St. Petersburg Times

March 21: The Study of Fish


April 4: Energizing Corals

April 22: Earth Day information all day at the Aquarium

April 25: A FISH-ful Saturday at Marine Quest: Fishy Food Chain activity. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission's annual open house at Florida Wildlife Research Institute, 100 8th Ave. SE, St. Peterburg, 10am-4pm. Information: (727) 896-8626

Sustainability and the Environment

May 2: Water Matters in honor of National Drinking Water Week, May 3-9

May 16: The 20th Annual Kids' Fishing Tournament for children 12 and under, 8:30am-1pm, The Pier, $1 registration

Oceans and Water

June 6: Sea Life Shadow Boxes

June 20: Where in the World is Water?


July 4: Fish in the Sky!

July 18: Studying the Ocean from Outer Space

Weather and Climate

Aug. 1: Follow that Fish!

Aug. 15: Fish in the Hot Seat!

Biodiversity and Conservation

Sept. 5: The Fascinating Fish of Tampa Bay

Sept. 19: Fish Protectors

Geosciences and Planet Earth

Oct. 3: Find a Fish! Geocaching with Kathi and Dennis Burgess

Oct. 17: Fish through Time


Nov. 7: Serving up Science

Nov. 21: Esploring Estuaries

Sciences and Health

Dec. 5: Science from the Sea

Dec. 19: Once Upon a Tide

Dec. 31: First Night St. Petersburg 2010: Labyrinth in S Straub Park, 7-11:30pm