Jan. 3, 2009 FISH-ful Saturday

Community Science through Art with Kathy Taylor Zimmerman

Artist-in-Residence Kathy Taylor Zimmerman, well known for her whimsical fish cartoons and illustrations that adorn Pier Aquarium posters, fliers and T-shirts, presented the first 2009 Year of Science event teaching visitors (mostly kids) how to draw different types of fish.

Forty-four visitors stopped by Kathy's "classroom" to learn about shapes and how coloration and designs on animals can serve as protection. Fish that the students drew included: clownfish, octopus and shark.

Young artists included: Jonathan and Katherine Cronk, Hannah and Haley Philman, David Wright Jr., Andres Felipe Pinilla, Sean Genette, Mya Rambjor, Nate Lingley, Anthony Gaeta, Emily Longoria and Alexis and Lauren Snider.

Fish Artists for the Day

From left, David Wright Jr., Katherine Cronk, Haley and Hannah Philman and Jonathon Cronk (front, dark blue shirt)

Clownfish Artists

Kathy "Z" with enthusiastic students drawing and coloring their favorite "Nemo" fish.

Octopus Artists

Anthony Gaeta and Alexis and Lauren Snider had a grand time adding all the suckers to the octopus tentacles.

Shark Artist 

Sean Genette says his favorite fish is a shark so he drew one (with Kathy Z's help)!