Manatee Adventures – one hour

Manartee AdventureInvestigate and discover the mysteries of these magnificent mammals as you construct the skeleton of a 9-ft. Florida manatee. Unravel the myths and unknown truths about the amazing marine mammal also called the sea cow.

This covers: language arts (reading, listening, viewing and speaking), mathematics (measurement), science (the nature of matter, processes of life, how living things interact with their environment), social studies (history) and health education (health literacy).

Sunshine State Standards: LA.A.1.1, LA.A.2.1, LA.C.1.1, LA.C.2.1, LA.C.3.1, MA.B.1.1, MA.B.2.1, SC.A.1.1, SC.F.2.1, SC.G.1.1, SC.G.2.1, SS.A.1.1, HE.A.1.1.