Dolphin Echolocation

Learn how dolphins echolocate to make sense of the environment around them. Students play the part of a dolphin or fish in this role-playing activity.

This covers: language arts (listening), science (processes that shape the earth), the arts (dance), music (applications to life), theatre (skills and techniques), health education (responsible health behavior), and physical education (physical education literacy, responsible physical activity behaviors, advocate and promote physically active lifestyles).

Sunshine State Standards: LA.C.1.1, SC.D.2.1, DA.E.2.1, MU.E.1.1, TH.A.1.1, TH.A.1.1, TH.A.3.1, HE.B.3.1, PE.A.1.1, PE.A.2.1, PE.B.2.1, PE.C.1.1