2008 Summer Marine Adventures

Take basic marine science education. Add field trips on floating classrooms, marine-related arts and crafts, field trips to local "living" and history museums, nature preserves and the seashore. Don't forget snorkeling, SCUBA, dolphin watching and other "FISH-ful, exploratory activities.

Now you get a picture of what happens at summer camp at The Pier Aquarium. Our Summer Marine Adventures bring excitement to Environmental and Biological Science through the non-invasive investigation of the habitats and ecosystems of Tampa Bay's animals and plants. Sea horses, horseshoe crabs and fish from all over the world are among the teachers!

For 2008, we've added two new WATER ART camps that integrate science and art activities. Campers will be introduced to traditional science and ecology concepts through the lens of fine art education and exposure to artistic forms of expression and reflection.

NEW! Campers will be exposed to various artist's mediums, techniques and tools through "Eco-Art" Summer Marine Adventures and instructors from the Arts Center and Creative Clay in St. Petersburg. Activities: field excursions to locations such as Weedon Island, Tampa Bay Watch, Crystal Springs Preserve and the beach to learn about various marine habitats. A graduation art exhibit will showcase the campers' work.

Water Art I
Ages: 6-8
June 16-20
Cost: $170 members; $185 non-members

Did you know that evaporation, condensation and transpiration have something to do with painting? Learn how by painting on sidewalks, pavement, wood and other canvases. See how water moves in the Florida watershed when visiting Boyd Hill Nature Park using food coloring, straws, spoons, twigs and pastels. Use water to make music and sand to create candles and sunsets in a bottle. Recreate animals that live in the watershed using different artist's materials.

Water Art II
Ages: 9-13
July 21-25
Cost: $170 members; $185 non-members

Kayak through and around the Florida watershed using mangrove pencils, marine grasses and shells to crate landscapes on handmade paper. Dive into Crystal Springs Preserve Crescent Lake to see what happens when you use different types of water to create watercolor masterpieces. Use sand to create pictures of marine animals and build a home using materials from a marine watershed. Discover underwater photography. Explore the different ecosystems of Boyd Hill and show what you've learned by drawing sketches and creating shadowboxes.

Other camps:

Little Marine Explorers I, June 9-13
Sea Scientist, June 16-20
Little Marine Explorers II, June 23-27
Adventures Afloat, July 7-11
Florida Discovery, July 14-18
Marine Mammals, July 14-18 - CLOSED