Welcome Teachers!

Dive into the new 2008-2009 school year…by visiting The Pier Aquarium where learning is fun. We offer on-site programs all correlated with Sunshine State Standards and FCAT benchmarks.

You are invited to see the Aquarium at your own pace to prepare you for your class study trip. Simply show proof of I.D. (current pay stub or school I.D.) at the admission counter for a free ticket during regular business hours, 10am-8pm Monday-Friday. Family and friends are welcome but will be required to purchase their admissions.

Let Our Fish Entertain You

Discover the fun, interactive “Fresh Fish Theater” at The Pier Aquarium featuring live creatures from Tampa Bay and around the world. The action – and drama – never stops with daily scheduled activities.

Register now for your next class study trip. Below is a quick look at what we have to offer.

Educational Programs

Offerings are available:

    • Grades Pre-K to adult
    • 10am-noon Monday-Friday
    • Maximum: 40 students
    • Cost: $4 to benefit the Education Programs at The Pier Aquarium

All scheduled programs include a "hands-on" tour of The Pier Aquarium by our Marine Education Staff to acquaint students of all ages with marine life from the world's ocean.

Surf 'N Turf Tour - a two-hour on-site program

We offer your class the opportunity to explore the water of Tampa bay and discover the Aquarium, all in one visit! We also havge a short, focused program on a specific topic of your choice.

    • Grades pre-K-adult
    • 10am-noon Monday-Friday
    • Maximum: 40 students
    • Cost: $4 per student; minimum $80 Bay in a Bucket

Surf: Students discover Tampa Bay at the Roy G. Harrell, Jr. Education Station at Spa Beach. With nets and discovery buckets in hand, students get their feet wet while learning about the marine life that lives in the bay.

Turf: A field experience where students explore marine life at the Aquarium from the world's ocean guided by Marine Education Staff. This is a one-on-one learning experience. See Add-ons.

Guided Tours - a one-hour program

    • Tours are for Pre-K-5
    • Available 10am-noon Monday-Friday
    • Maximum: 40 students
    • A "hands-on" Aquarium tour


Teachers can add a special focus topic to their program and can select from this list:

Eco Adventures with Weedon Island Preserve and Cultural and History Center

    • Grades K-adult
    • 10am-noon Wednesday
    • Maximum: 50 students
    • Cost: $5 per student

Start “Diggin’ Up History” and end up “Boardwalking” or “Catchin’ Critters Knee Deep” at the Weedon Island Preserve.