A Celebration of Water, Dec. 31, 2006-April 5, 2007


Water covers about 75% of the Earth's surface. About 97% of the water on the Earth's surface is in the world's oceans.

The Pier Aquarium's Celebration of Water is a three-month community-wide observance recognizing the power and beauty of water in our every day lives. This celebration will affirm the preciousness of water, how it is to be celebrated, respected and preserved for today and future generations.

It incorporates the photography of Marjorie Ryerson (www.water-music.org), music, crafts, literature, performance art, a poetry workshop and readings, lectures, public discussion, science exhibits, a water festival and A Walk for Water. Unless noted, all
Celebration activities take place on the Third Floor Gallery of The Pier and are free to the public.

Sponsors include: Pinellas County Cultural Affairs Department, the Pinellas-Anclote River Basin Board of the Southwest Florida Water Management District, HDR Inc., Pinellas County Utilities, St. Petersburg Times, Speak! St. Pete, Starbucks, City of St. Petersburg, The Pier, Florida Craftsmen, the Arts Center, Mahaffey Theater at the Progress Energy Center, Friends of the United Nations, Global Healing, USF St. Petersburg and COSEE Florida Centers for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence.

Saving Water

The Pier Aquarium is celebrating water with a "Water Promise Corridor." Visitors are invited to make a promise to save water (Promises. Promises. A Water Promise.) by tying a colorful plastic ribbon on a line suspended from the ceiling in the glass hallway. We hope to create many "plastic ribbon boas" to decorate the hallway.

They can also "post" their water-saving suggestion on the big easel near the glass elevator for inclusion on this list. Some are very serious; some are tongue-in-cheek, some are just fun.

We are not editing the suggestions, and all (unless repetitious or deemed unsuitable for family viewing) will be added to this list.  You decide what methods would work for you.

The Final List of Ways to Save Water

1.  Turn off water when brushing teeth.
2.  Turn off water when washing dishes! Use only to rinse...
3.  I will use rain water to water my plants instead of tap water.
4.  I will take fast showars? (sic)
5.  Join my agency's Environmental Security Branch*focus on transitional water management issues to prevent conflict.
6.  We promise to make a rain barrel.
7.  Use a well to water my grass.
8.  Fix any leak I see.
9.  Call City Code to any violaters using sprinklers on wrong days!
10.  Teach others about water issues.
11.  Wash only full loads of laundry.
12.  Don't wat and play when the water is on! (sic)
13.  Turn on the bath tub and turn off when you're done.
14.  Shower with a friend.
15.  Be careful not to dring to much. (sic)
16.  Use grey water (shower/sink waste water) to fill/flush toilets.
17.  Don't throw away water bottle with water in it.
18.  Take a shower with your sprinkler system.
19.  Shower with five people or more.
20.  Fix a leaking toilet!
21.  Wash dishes by hand, not in the dish washer.
22.  Shower instead of bath tub
23.  Turn off bath tub before it is full.
24.  Turn off water after using it.
25.  Water flowers with dehumidifier water.
26.  A brick or 1/2 gallon jug in the toilet tank (uses less water to flush)
27.  Wash dishes once a day.
28.  Brush my teeth with beer.
29.  Share it whenever u can!
30.  Brush teeth less.
31.  No sing so much in the shower.
32.  Drink tea/don't flush toilet.
33.  Do not allow water to run until hot (shower) for several minutes prior to getting in.
34.  Drink beer.
35.  Water your plants with coffee instead of water.
36.  Stop flushing the toilet in public restrooms when I have flatulence.
37.  Replace 5 angle stops when I get home (plumbing repair)!
38.  Fix your dripping faucets.
39.  Brick in the back of toilet.
40.  Turn off water when washing hair.
41.  Flush the toilet after a couple of times.
42.  Pee outside in dirt instead of in a toilet.
43.  Think before you use water.
44.  Wash windows with cleaner, not water from hose.
45.  Bathe kids once every two weeks instead of every week.
46.  Don't shave your legs in the shower.
47.  Hold it until you really have to go!
48.  If it's yellow, leave it mellow. If it's brown, flush it down.
49.  I will make water by myself.
50.  Use hand sanitizer, shower less and enjoy your natural smell!
51.  Keep the water clean.
52.  Don't put trash in water.
53.  In a bucket, Eliza! In a bucket!
54.  Use reclaimed water.
55.  Flush once a day, only!
56.  Fix your own toilet and be a plumber.
57.  Use a composting toilet.
58.  Get a rain barrel; sky juice will help you grow food and water all plants inside and out.
59.  Six minute showers, max.
60.  Use the wastebasket, mot the toilet.
61.  Make sure we fill th stock tanks only once a day.
62.  Conserve water by going camping more often.
63.  Let all my house plants sit in the rain...on second thought, I'll get a cactus instead.
64.  Put the ice cubes in plants.
65.  Take a bath in the rain. Ha-ha.
66.  Boil rain water. Then drink it.
67.  Live with Shawn who doesn't have water.
68.  Hydrogen extraction power plant
69.  Put a bucket in the shower when bathing to catch water and use it to water plants, flush, etc.
70.  I promise NOT to litter on beaches or any other place with water.
71.  Drink more soda pop!
72.  Water at night-more evaporation. More percolation.
73.  Use lots of deodorant so you don't have to shower.
74.  Tighten radiator hose clamps as needed.
75.  Turn off the fountains-look at waterfalls instead.
76.  Don't let water run for privacy when you pee. Own it!
77.  Let animals drink from the toilet!
78.  Fill sink with water for washing dishes rather than letting faucet run.
79.  Don't put something in the water that isn't supposed to be there.
80.  Shut off water when I am on vacation.
81.  Reduce your water softener cycles!
82.  Buy frontloading washing machines (that) use only 16 gallons per wash!
83.  Turn off the icemaker.
84.  Reuse dishwater for washing the floor.
85.  Wash car and hair with rain water.
86.  Desalinate ocean water.
87.  Wash clothes less often.
88.  Water recycling system for the home. recycle 30-40% of grey water.
89.  I will use a stopper while rinsing dishes.
90.  I will only shower once a week.
91.  Shut off shower with soaping up, then rinse off.
92.  Melt snow-Go Minnesota!!! (March 1, 22 inches baby!)
93.  Stop building large condos.
94.  2 words - drink rain!
95.  Don't water lawn when raining. Duh.
96.  Shower at the gym!
97.  Take a stand agains dams on rivers.
98.  Bathe with baby wipes.
99.  Wash clothes once a week.
100.  Use biodegradeable items.
101.  Use sea water to take a bath.
102.  Only wash my SUV once a day.
103.  When the pool gets dirty water, I will not drain it out. I will save it to water the plants.
104.  I will not wash my balls (soccer balls, basketballs, baseballs, etc.).