Live Performances Daily! New Aquariums!

On the second floor watch any one of our 12 aquariums closely and see a story evolve! Come at 3 p.m. any day of the week and you might be asked to play the part of “An Official Fish Feeder.” Our Fish Feeders receive a certificate for their animal care assistance.

Monday-Friday Schedule
Saturday Schedule

Our Marine Education Staff members are available to answer any of your questions about the “residents” or exhibits on the second floor.

Our aquariums have identifying names and house fish and other animals particular to a specific environment. They are:

          • Tampa Bay Touch Tank – Our touch tank is a new favorite with kids who can get up-close and personal with the inhabitants here, particularly every day from 1-4pm. It's Touch Tank Experience Time. At center stage, say Spiny Lobsterhello to a variety of sea urchins, flounder, hermit crabs, horseshoe crabs, spider crabs, sea stars, tulip snails and whelks. You never know what animal has been moved into the tank! You can hold them in your hand.

            At 3pm it's time for fish feeding. Help us care for the sharks, rays, lobster and red drum fish and the others that live at The Pier Aquarium.  
  • Atlantic Ocean Tanks – three separate aquariums comprise the 483-gallon Atlantic Ocean habitat. The 110-gallon Jawfish Aquarium has yellowhead jawfish, pygmy angelfirsh, neon goby, convict goby and sea whips. The 263-gallon center Atlantic Aquarium tank is home to queen angelfish, black bar soldierfish, balloonfish, scorpionfish, porkfish and Cuban hogfish. The Eel Aquarium has a spotted moray eel and a green moray eel. The 110-gallon corner acrylic tank is the right size for these little "monsters" as they live in small crevices in the wild.
  • Pacific Coral Tank – this 382-gallon tank is home to the beautiful and easily recognized percula clowns (known as “Nemo” to children), blue regal tang, lipstick tang, coral beauty, Pacific yellow tang, gray angel and snails. See the differences in color and texture of leather corals, frog spawn coral, mushroom polyps, carpet anemones and sea whips.
  • Pacific Ocean Aquarium - holds 443 gallons of water and features a variety of lionfish, tangs, bird wrasse, Niger triggerfish, Picasso triggerfish, foxface, panther grouper and eels.
    Tube Anemone
  • Invertebrates Tank – showcases animals that don't have a backbone and live in reefs around the world. Look for a variety of gobies, and anthias, considered among the most beautiful of reef fish. skunk cleaner shrimp, blood shrimp and exotic tangs. As for corals, this tank has Montipora, Acropora and sun coral.
  • Seahorse Tank – the only inhabitants here are lined seahorses. 

The second floor has wall-sized mural exhibits: “Into the Eye: Hurricanes,” “A Sea of Sound,” “Oceans: The Big Picture,” “Florida Red Tide,” “Tampa Bay: Species of Concern” and Florida Wetlands: The Highwaymen's Legacy.

There is also a museum store where logo clothing items, fish-themed gifts, toys, books, videos and music can be purchased. Admission to the museum store is free.