What's Happening Saturday

Discover Another World...Fresh Fish Theater at The Pier Aquarium

Act I

"FISH-ful Saturday" public programs are usually scheduled the
first and third Saturday of the month.

Dive in and immerse yourself in learning about the marine
environment guided by our Scientific Staff. Hands-on activities
and presentations are the main features.

Act II

Get in Touch with the Touch Tank

Get "in touch" with the sea and learn about marine plants and
animals, aquarium maintenance and care.


Fish Feeding and Habitat Talk

Become an "Official Fish Feeder" and learn hows to feed and care
for sea animals as well as learn about their "community."

Act IV

Wonderful Water

Learn about the wonders of water and how we keep our aquatic
friends safe and healthy by regularly testing the water.

Act V

Big Screen Video Showcase

Watch our "big screen" and experience the fascinating world of
the marine environment featured in the Aquarium Video Series.